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Overview:  A true fan favorite at Siesta Lighting, our “Moonlight” premium outdoor LED downlight is as functional as it is sleek.  The aiming mechanism is not only fully sealed to prevent water intrusion, but has infinite adjustability allowing you to perfectly highlight your intended target.  The soft Bronze finish will make this “one of a kind” downlight virtually invisible after installation. Usage:  Ideal for Downlighting from Trees, Pergolas, Arbors or any surface where functional lighting is needed below Downlight Features:
  • Threaded housing for easy, tool-free lamp replacement
  • Fully adjustable swivel arm & locking teeth maintain desired aiming angles (allen key included)
  • Silicone o-ring provide watertight seal
  • Gasketed knuckle prevents water intrusion
  • Stainless steel lamp retention clip protects lamp from shock and vibration
  • Brass Y Bracket for easy Surface Mounting
  • Can be used as Up or Down Light
  • Material – Solid Cast Brass Housing, Base Stem and Knuckle
  • Finish – Antique brass finish is guaranteed not to wear off or peel
  • Dimensions – 4.9″ tall x 2.125″ wide
  • Lens – Clear, Tempered, Shock & Heat Resistant.
  • Socket – Specification grade bi-pin socket
  • Lamp – MR type
  • Maximum Wattage – 20w
  • Lead Wire – 60″ 18/2 UV rated cabling
  • Rating(s) – IP65 & ETL
  • Warranty – Lifetime
Included with purchase:
  • (2) Waterproof Dryconn Wire Connectors
  • (1) Brass Y Bracket
The Moonlight is compatible with these Siesta LEDs – 4w*, 5w, 7w MR or 6w MR16 Color Splash *Most Popular

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If you’re in the market for professional grade outdoor lighting products then look no further! Siesta Lighting provides the highest quality in the industry while offering a lifetime warranty on all parts with a 90 day money back guarantee. Shop our landscape lighting kits or work with one of our low voltage lighting experts to design the perfect solution for your home.

Why Choose Siesta Lighting

Anti Microbial Aesthetic Brass Finish

Avoiding germs and creating a safe living environment has become increasingly important during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when it comes to points of frequent contact like lighting fixtures. We are pleased to share the encouraging news about the natural antimicrobial qualities of our brass products. Copper and copper alloys like brass and bronze have recently been registered at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the first solid antimicrobial material. This is thanks to its natural ability to kill certain viruses on contact, like MRSA, Staph, Influenza A, E-Coli, and the human coronavirus. A virus can survive just minutes on a copper or brass surface, compared to weeks on a stainless steel one. Studies have shown that surfaces made of uncoated copper, brass or bronze, begin neutralizing bacteria immediately, killing more than 99.9% within two hours*. An unlacquered solid brass light fixture actually has a chemical reaction that helps reduce germ build-up. Scientists refer to it as the “oligodynamic effect,” a term for the toxic effect metal ions in brass have on bacteria.

Threaded Housing, for Easy Tool Free Lamp Replacement

Having the ability to change out your lamps is the difference between us and low quality integrated systems which usually fail within a year. 

Fully Adjustable Locking Swivel Arm

This feature is extremely important to clients because of the ability to dial in the lighting accents exactly where they need to be for the best look. Landscapes grow and change over time so having the ability to adjust so that is why having this ability is so important. You’re guaranteed to have good quality lighting for a lifetime with the ability to adjust.

Stainless Steel Lamp Retention Clip Protects against shock and Vibration

Since the fixtures are typically attached to structures it is important that they are extra durable against vibration and impacts. This stainless steel lamp retention clip does does the trick and will provide a lifetime of enjoyment in even the harshest of environments.

Ceramic Bi-pin Socket with Lamp Stabilizer Clamps

Having the ability to change out your bulbs is the difference between a cheap integrated system and a premium all purpose system. Once the bulb goes out, you need to replace the entire fixture, but with our Siesta Lighting kits, you can easily change out the bulb with our state of the art ceramic bi-pin socket allowing you to do it yourself.

Brass Y Bracket for Easy Surface Mounting

This feature is extremely important to clients because of the overall durability of the fixture. This is one of the reasons we guarantee this fixture for a lifetime. This finely engineered fixture is made from the highest quality brass and can withstand most impacts from basketballs, baseballs, frisbees, or whatever kids can throw at it.

Our Patented "EZ Power 100" Transformer

The Game Changer of the Outdoor Lighting Industry!

Our patent pending “EZ TRAN” 100w power source is one of a kind in the market.  It’s fully potted and sealed making it completely waterproof.  It can be mounted on a wall, buried, or simply tossed onto the ground making system setup & installation a breeze!

Siesta Lighting Transformer

Key Features:

  • Durable UV resistant Composite Box
  • Suitable for Direct Burial
  • IP67 Rated (Water & Dirt Proof)
  • 25 ft of 14/2 lead wire
  • Limited Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

Transformer Specs:

  • 15 volt output
  • 100 watts of power
  • Easy Install on ground or wall mount
  • 6ft power cord, plugs into any GFI protected 120V outlet

Easy Installation


Get a Game Plan

Determine your lighting goals and how you want to layout your lighting. For expert guidance, contact one of our lighting experts today!

Lay Everything Out

Assemble your lights, then start placing them around the house where you'd like them. Once placed, run the wire using the kit instructions!

Plug it in & Test

Plug your timer and EZ TRAN into the wall. Once plugged in, turn it on and check each light to ensure it's working before burying the wires around the yard!

Bury the Wiring

Use a flat nose shovel to bury your wire 3" to 6" below the grounds surface. Try to preserve the grass so you can potentially lay it back on top!

Setup Your Timer

Once you've buried your wire and plugged everything in, make sure you set your timer so your lighting adjusts at the right time during the evening and in the morning.

Enjoy Gorgeous Lighting

Once night time has arrived, make sure you make any necessary angular adjustments with a screwdriver and then sit back, relax, and enjoy your landscape lighting!

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 4 in
Up & Downlight Bulb Options (Most Common Listed Below)

No Bulb (or purchase separately on LED page), Warm White – 4w 60deg LED, RGBW Color Changing – 6w 40deg LED