Recessed Brass Pathway Light



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Backfill holes with 8 inches of pea gravel for drainage. Place fixture into hole and fill remaining volume with pea gravel to ensure a secure fit and proper drainage. If installing in concrete, instead of filling remaining volume with pea gravel, use standard masonry techniques to pour concrete slabs. Allow for concrete to set before proceeding to next steps.


Overview:  Our robust “Recessed” path light fixture is a sealed outdoor well light that uses an MR16 lamp. The socket is mounted on an adjustable gimbal so the lamp angle can be adjusted. The top is thick solid cast brass. The commercial grade glass lens is flush with the top so water cannot puddle. There is a thick rubber gasket between the top and body of the well light for a water tight seal.

Usage:  Ideal for any application where a flush mount light source is needed, but you need the light to shoot horizontally.  Primarily used to illuminate path & walkways 


  • Material – Solid Brass Top, Polycarbonate Corrosion Resistant Housing
  • Finish – Antique brass finish is guaranteed not to wear off or peel
  • Dimensions – 4.5″ Tall, 4.88″wide
  • Lens – Clear glass, shatter-resistant
  • Socket – Specification grade bi-pin socket WITH adjustable gimble
  • Lamp – MR16 type
  • Maximum Wattage – 20w
  • Lead Wire – 72″ 18awg Direct Burial Cable
  • Rating(s) – IP65 & ETL
  • Warranty – Lifetime

Included with purchase:

  • (2) Waterproof Dryconn Wire Connectors

These (4) Siesta LED options are compatible with The Inground – 4w, 5w, 7w MR or 6w MR Colorsplash (most popular)

Why Choose Siesta Lighting?

Specification Grade Bi-Pin Socket

Having the ability to change out your bulbs is the difference between a cheap integrated system and a premium all purpose system. Once the bulb goes out, you need to replace the entire fixture, but with our Siesta Lighting kits, you can easily change out the bulb with our state of the art ceramic bi-pin socket allowing you to do it yourself.

Frosted Polycarbonate Shatter Resistant Lens with Silicone Gasket

Polycarbonate extrusions exhibit higher impact resistance, stiffness, moisture resistance, and increased heat resistance. The frosted lens is a nice way to diffuse light to softly illuminate pathways. The Silicone gasket ensure a water tight secure fit to eliminate the threat of water intrusion. 

Solid Brass Top, Polycarbonate Corrosion Resistant Housing


  • Durability.


    Both copper and zinc are non-ferrous metals, and the other elements that are added to the alloy are mostly non-ferrous as well. It’s only natural that the resulting alloy when they are combined is also unsusceptible to corrosion via oxidation. Even though brass tarnishes easily, this only affects its luster and not its performance and durability.

  • Anti-Bacterial Property.


    The molecules of copper in brass are capable of producing ions that attack a certain type of protein in single-celled organisms, killing them instantly in the process. This makes brass and other copper-based metals for that matter an excellent material for water filtration and sanitation systems. They are even suitable for lavatories, kitchen sinks, and other areas in the house that provide breeding ground for harmful microbes.

  • Aesthetics.


    Unlike pure copper and bronze, brass has a quite attractive appearance. Its natural color is very similar to that of gold, which is why it is often used as accessories and decorative element for buildings or in this case lighting fixtures.

Manufactured using only UL Listed components

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Siesta Lighting

Offering Premium Products at Factory Direct Pricing

If you’re in the market for professional grade outdoor lighting products then look no further! Siesta Lighting provides the highest quality in the industry while offering a lifetime warranty on all parts with a 90 day money back guarantee. Shop our landscape lighting kits or work with one of our low voltage lighting experts to design the perfect solution for your home.

Our Patented "EZ Power 100" Transformer

The Game Changer of the Outdoor Lighting Industry!

Our patent pending “EZ TRAN” 100w power source is one of a kind in the market.  It’s fully potted and sealed making it completely waterproof.  It can be mounted on a wall, buried, or simply tossed onto the ground making system setup & installation a breeze!

Siesta Lighting Transformer

Key Features:

  • Durable UV resistant Composite Box
  • Suitable for Direct Burial
  • IP67 Rated (Water & Dirt Proof)
  • 25 ft of 14/2 lead wire
  • Limited Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

Transformer Specs:

  • 15 volt output
  • 100 watts of power
  • Easy Install on ground or wall mount
  • 6ft power cord, plugs into any GFI protected 120V outlet

Easy Installation


Get a Game Plan

Determine your lighting goals and how you want to layout your lighting. For expert guidance, contact one of our lighting experts today!

Lay Everything Out

Assemble your lights, then start placing them around the house where you'd like them. Once placed, run the wire using the kit instructions!

Plug it in & Test

Plug your timer and EZ TRAN into the wall. Once plugged in, turn it on and check each light to ensure it's working before burying the wires around the yard!

Bury the Wiring

Use a flat nose shovel to bury your wire 3" to 6" below the grounds surface. Try to preserve the grass so you can potentially lay it back on top!

Setup Your Timer

Once you've buried your wire and plugged everything in, make sure you set your timer so your lighting adjusts at the right time during the evening and in the morning.

Enjoy Gorgeous Lighting

Once night time has arrived, make sure you make any necessary angular adjustments with a screwdriver and then sit back, relax, and enjoy your landscape lighting!

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Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Up & Downlight Bulb Options (Most Common Listed Below)

No Bulb (or purchase separately on LED page), Warm White – 4w 60deg LED, RGBW Color Changing – 6w 40deg LED