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The Best Landscape Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

Landscape lighting can do a world of good for your home. It can stylishly illuminate your yard when entertaining outdoors, light up dark stairs and walkways to increase safety and curb appeal, and enhance your home’s security, so you can feel safer and sleep better at night. But what are the best landscape lighting fixtures to help you enjoy all these incredible benefits?

What to Light in Your Landscape

Integrating landscape lighting fixtures into your outdoor spaces starts with a plan. What do you want to light, and what you want to leave in the dark? Once you identify these features, consider incorporating various fixtures and lighting types to highlight the ones you selected. Different fixtures can create different effects and coordinate well with various exterior features, so consider adding a combination of pathway lights, spotlights, wide-angled floodlights, and others to add drama to these areas.

You also have to think about function. A deck with stairs, or a meandering pathway or entryway, needs to be well lit to ensure you and your visitors can move about your yard without the risk of stumbling and getting injured.

Choosing the Right Type of Landscape Lighting

When choosing landscape lighting fixtures, you must consider the power source and bulb type best suited for your lighting needs. Lighting fixtures that use LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs usually last longer and consume less energy than CFL bulbs. Solar landscape lights are also an option, as they use energy captured from direct sunlight (and stored in a rechargeable battery) to produce light. This makes solar-powered lighting easy to set up and eco-friendly, HOWEVER, they typically aren’t built with professional grade materials (mostly plastic), don’t last very long, or shine very bright. For these reasons, we typically recommend hardwired, low voltage, LED lighting for your DIY installation. It provides increased illumination, long life spans, energy efficiency, & is easy to do

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Now that you know what features you want to highlight in your yard (and the right type of landscape lighting to use), let’s look at the best landscape lighting fixtures to keep your home safe, secure, and beautifully illuminated from nightfall till the crack of dawn.

Best Landscape Path Light

Our Contemporary Modern Brass Pathlight provides soft “globes” of evenly dispersed LED light to guide your family, friends, and neighbors gently and safely to your front door or backyard while creating an aura every passerby will admire. Its light bronze finish and solid brass construction are suited for all weather conditions and blend seamlessly into virtually any landscape.

The Tiki Pathlight and Torch 2-in-1 Fixture is another excellent choice. Designed for functionality and appeal, it provides a warm ambient glow along paths at night and wards off nighttime pests by burning Citronella from the torch. It also fits most homes’ architectural styles and can be used as statement pieces throughout your property. You’ll also love its antique brass finish, which not only looks stylish but is guaranteed not to wear off or peel.  

Best Landscape Flood Lights

If visibility and safety are a top priority for you, our “Great Flood” Brass LED Accent Light features a sleek design with a clear glass lens to maximize brightness. It has an excellent coverage range and a wide-angle light dispersion to illuminate large walls, trees and structures, dense hedges, tall fences, vast spaces, and other exterior features. With its fully adjustable swivel arm with locking teeth, you can set your desired aiming angles easily. Plus, the shroud has a silicone gasket to keep water out.

The Gentle Wash Brass LED Flood Light is a smaller but powerful landscape flood light fixture, built with a die-cast brass housing and hand-rubbed bronze finish to blend seamlessly into most landscapes.

Best Landscape Well Light

Our robust and flexible Inground Brass Well Light helps create drama and atmosphere in your yard, from illuminating walkways and driveways to heightening the sophistication and visibility of your home’s exterior features. It uses an MR16 lamp to create a soft, up-light effect, highlighting trees, structures, or your home’s architectural features, while silhouetting them for a more appealing outlook. Its solid brass top, corrosion-resistant polycarbonate housing, and antique brass finish are highly durable and stand up to most weather conditions.

Best Landscape Spotlights

Install one of these landscape spotlights in your yard to highlight garden beds, trees or shrubs, pathways, or other exterior features with warm, glowing spots of light. The Bullet Premium Brass LED Accent Spot Light is our most popular light, offering style and function without compromise. Its heavy-duty, solid brass with an elegant ideal for antique bronze finish makes it the perfect design element to blend in with any landscape environment. It also has two silicone O-rings and a gasket knuckle to provide a watertight seal. Its heat sink fins also provide extra stability for the lamp while dissipating heat to extend the LED’s life.  

Best Landscape Downlights

Imagine lighting up all your nighttime landscape with the soft glows of light from the moon. But since we can’t control the moon, we find another way: the Moonlight Brass LED Accent Downlight. With this landscape downlight, you can create a moonlight-like ambiance in your yard. It also creates a beautiful, dappled light effect when mounted high in trees, allowing the light to shine through the branches and leaves. Most customers find the Moonlight Brass Downlight functional, sleek, and durable with stainless steel lamp retention clips to remove the lamp from shock and vibration. The system is also flexible, allowing you to adjust it to highlight any exterior feature in your yard. You can even use it as an up or downlight.      

Best Deck and Step Lights

One of the biggest perks of deck and step lights is that they can be used as an accent to architectural details and add safe passages to dark stairs, deck, and rails. They can also be used for washing light down stone walls, lighting up entertainment spaces. Luckily, our Halfmoon Brass Rail & Deck Light can help you realize these benefits. Its frosted polycarbonate shatter-resistant lens can beam bright light along footpaths on steps, decks, patios, and lanais where soft but functional illumination is desired. The Halfmoon deck light also has a solid brass construction and light bronze finish that can blend into most landscapes. Plus, with its antique brass finish, you can be sure it won’t start to wear off or peel away any time soon.


There you have it: the best landscape lighting fixtures for your home. If you have any questions about landscape lighting fixtures or need help finding the best landscape lighting fixtures for your landscape, give us a call at (407) 517-9496 or write us via our contact page.

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